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The subtle difference between 'will' and 'would'

For too many times, ‘will’ is used when ‘would’ is the right choice. Is that a problem? Yes, since misplacing ‘would’ and ‘will’ can change the meaning of a sentence drastically. For that reason these two words deserve a little more attention. What do I mean by using ‘will’ instead of ‘would’? Let’s consider the following examples. Here is a context. Two girls are having lunch at a restaurant while taking about their boy friends. The first girl mentioned that her boyfriend eats a lot of meat. The second girl got surprised hearing that and asked a question. “ Why would he want to eat so much meat?” asked the second girl “ I don’t know . But it would be fun to see him in a slaughter house.” said the first girl.   Let’s consider the 2nd one first. The 2nd sentence could be like the following:         It will be fun to see him to a slaughter house. But ‘will’ does not server the sentence well. Although to some, it may seem like they are talking abou